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Released: Mar 09, 2015

Version: 15.3.2

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S7 VarTable Basic by mk3 S.r.l.

S7 VarTable Basic Screenshots


S7 VarTable is a professional tool for programmer specialist of S7 Siemens (300-400-1200-1500) and compatible PLC.

Very close to S7-VAT philosophy, it is able to display actual values at high speed rate and send new value to a single or a group of variables.

Connections are establish by RFC1006 + ISO8073 on TCP/IP protocol. No modification is needed on PLCs.
Both Wireless Local Area Network (WiFi) and Wireless Wide Area Network (cellular data - 3G/4G/EDGE/GPRS/etc.) connections are supported.
For WLAN (WiFi) you need a wireless access point and you have to configure appropriate IP address and sub-mask on your iPAD wireless setting.
For WWAN (cellular) you need a data enabled SIM installed and configured on your iPAD, a programmed router to establish a port forward from your public IP to your internal PLC and configured gateway address of your router on PLC hardware configuration.

Direct PLC connections and S7-NET ROUTING connections are supported. You need PLC CPU with routing capability and a valid configured S7 network to use routing feature.

All the areas are supported (Periphery, Input, Output, Marker, DataBlock, Counter, Timer)

All sizes are supported (BIT, BYTE, WORD, DWORD) plus 2 new block size (G and J type, 8 and 10 BYTE).

All representations are supported, also S7 not supported ones like DateAndTime and AnyPointer (BIN, BOOL, DEC, HEX, FLOATING_POINT, CHARACTER, DATE, TIME, SIMATIC TIME, TIME_OF_DAY, COUNTER, POINTER, DATE_AND_TIME, ANY_POINTER).

User configuration are stored in Projects, PLCs, Symbols, VariableTables and MultiVariableTables.

Visualization and write function are made by VariableTable (variables of a single PLC) and MultiVariableTable (variables of unlimited PLC simultaneously on the same table).

Symbol table editor and fast symbol research feature on variable tables are available.

Customize keyboard for fast value insertion is available.

Ping feature is available.

English and German language addresses selection is available.

Is possible to backup/restore projects connecting iPad by USB cable to a PC/MAC and navigate by iTunes.

This BASIC version have no limited functionality but missing of oscilloscope feature.
Unlimited projects can be configured.
Unlimited PLCs can be configured per each project.
Unlimited MultiVarTables with unlimited variables can be configured per each project.
A symbol table with unlimited symbols can be configured for each PLC.
Unlimited VarTable with unlimited variable can be configured per each PLC.
Backup/restore of project by iTunes is available.
Oscilloscope & recorder are not available.

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