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Released: Mar 22, 2015

Version: 1.0

Size: 14.2 MB

Language: English

Seller: Auto Flight Logic LLC



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Autopilot for Phantom by Auto Flight Logic

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*** This app currently only works with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ ***
Turn your Phantom into a Smart Drone by using your iPhone or iPad. Featuring Selectable Modes, including the highly anticipated follow me and orbit capabilities, and much more.

- Selectable Modes: Select a Flight Control Mode that best suits your needs for a given flight plan. New Modes will be released over time.
- Motion Tracking: Use the GPS location of your iOS device to make your Phantom follow you.
- Flight School: Make safety a priority and increase your situational awareness. Flight School was created with hundreds of hours of real-world flight testing and consultation with professional pilots.
- Flight Control Dashboard: Monitor all the details of your flight, including telemetry, live video, and live maps.
- Real-time Controls: Modify the Mode controls and Autopilot responds by adjusting the speed, course, and altitude of your Phantom in real-time.
- Flight Recorder: Automatically record audio with your iOS device in the same way a black box does on a modern airliner.
- Barometric Altimeter: Take advantage of the barometer on the iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Air 2 for increased accuracy in altimeter readings.
- Integrated Checklists: Execute checklists, which are built into the app, to help prevent mistakes before and during flight.
- Smart Gimbal: Autopilot uses distance and altitude readings to seamlessly control gimbal angle so that the camera always points at your iOS Device.
- Gesture Control: Fly your Phantom with intuitive hand motions through combined Flight Control Modes such as Intercept and Mimic.
- Background Execution: Multi-task with other apps or lock your phone while Autopilot continues to execute in the background.
- Quick Override: Toggle the Phantom Remote Control to Atti mode at any time to quickly override Autopilot and fly your Phantom manually.
- iPad Optimized: Utilize the larger screen on your iPad to view more of the Flight Control Dashboard.
- Configurable: Change the default behavior of Autopilot with a comprehensive list of settings.

Autopilot includes several human, computer, and combined flight control Modes out of the box. Once you master the included Modes, upgrade to additional Modes as they become available.

- Black Box: Fly the Phantom manually while Autopilot monitors flight telemetry and records audio.
- Focus: Fly the Phantom manually while Autopilot controls the gimbal.
- Hover: Autopilot directs the Phantom to hover at a specified Altitude while rotating the Phantom to stay directed at your iOS device.
- Follow: Autopilot directs the Phantom to follow your iOS device at a specified Bearing Angle, Altitude and Distance.
- Orbit (in-app upgrade): Orbit builds on Follow, adding a Bearing Angle that continually changes based on a Clockwise or Counterclockwise Pattern.
- Intercept: Point your iOS device in any direction as if the iOS device were a laser pointer. Your Phantom will intersect the imaginary laser created by your device.
- Mimic (in-app upgrade): Tilt your iOS device in any direction, as if the iOS device were a puppet. The Phantom will mimic the tilting motion of the iOS device to the directed pitch and roll.

Customer Reviews

Terrifying at first, but performed flawlessly. (5 stars)
I know what you're thinking. Can I trust my $1200+ Phantom to some random Autopilot app? The answer is a resounding YES! The developers created a very thorough flight school tutorial that you should definitely read before your first flight. The app itself is beautiful and intuitive -- and REALLY COOL! I love the Focus mode -- you can fly the drone yourself, but the gimbal will stay fixed on your location providing rad video. I'm a skateboard

Works great!!!!!!!! (5 stars)
All of the features correspond extremely well with my drone! It exposes things to me that I've never been able to do with my phantom!

Wow! (5 stars)
If you love your Phantom, buy this app immediately. Okay, I've got to go back outside to play with my drone.


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