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Released: Feb 22, 2015

Version: 1.0.1

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Language: English

Seller: Brian Fitzgerald



I Ching: The App of Changes by Brian Fitzgerald

I Ching: The App of Changes Screenshots


"Of all the versions I've used, your renderings of the texts are my heart-felt favorites. They have inspired me, made me laugh and cry and everything in between." --User

Hope you'll feel the same. This is a handy, elegantly simple way to pause and reflect mindfully on the questions, large or small, that you face every day. There are no ads, no clutter: I wanted to provide as restful and reflective an experience as possible, considering you're consulting a centuries-old oracle on a modern magical electronic device. Ask a question, press the Yin Yang button six times to generate your hexagram. You'll get a set of texts rich in archetypal imagery, ancient wisdom, and modern wit to help you find an answer -- be it in the forest of your subconscious or the synchronicity and alignment of your life with a random event. The interpretations I've written for the old texts borrow inspiration from a multitude of sources: Bob Dylan, Lao Tsu, Doctor Who, T.S. Eliot, King Kong, John Lennon, Joseph Campbell, Russell Brand, and Martin Luther King all make cameo appearances.

This app began life in the 1980s in the ancient days of MSDOS. I put nearly three years of code and writing craft into it then, teaching myself Turbo Pascal along the way. I've updated it for iPhone (teaching myself jquery and Xcode along the way).

The I-Ching was considered a fortune-telling text in ancient China, and a kind of psychic mirror by Carl Jung: you ask a question, and the way you interact with and respond to the imagery, the archetypes, and language of the oracle helps you find the answer hidden in your own subconscious. I've personally found it a comfort and aid at many points in my life when I've had to make decisions great and tiny.

The oracle is actually a binary system made up of lines, broken or solid. 6 lines capable of two states, 64 Hexagrams: it's a perfect divination system for replication by a binary software process.

But the software engine here doesn't use the three-coin method popular in the west. It replicates the entire process of sorting 50 yarrow stalks again and again to derive each line: this maintains the statistical likelihood of a changing line precisely, which the coin method does not. The Help section has more on the geeky math of this if you're interested.


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