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March 14th, 2015

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Released: Mar 14, 2015

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Eatom by Alex Nedvetsky

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Meet your personal eating counselor Eatom App. Eatom will help you develop and keep healthy eating habits, so youll be in control of food and not the other way around.

Comprehensive database with more than 1000 most common foods, including foods from 10 restaurants.
Visual/audio eating guidance tools. Feedback and analytical tools.

Develop healthy eating habits:
Click 3-bar menu button in the upper left corner to open the Options Screen and select Settings:
o Chose Imperial or Metric units
o Chose Speed of Chewing: Fast (80 per min) or Slow (70 per min)
Click All Foods to go to the All Foods screen.
Select a food item from the Food list or click on the Restaurants tab: chose a restaurant from the popup list.
Select a food item.
Pay attention to the key food info: Weight, Total Eating Time, Number of Bites, Number of Chews, Calories, and Health Score.
Visually divide your food into the indicated number of bites (give or take a few).
Press Start and chew along with the Countdown Button: navy circle indicates chews and white circle indicates bites.
To pause the countdown, tap the Countdown Button and tap again to continue.
Stay with the countdown to the very end wait for the "Great Job!" pop-up.

Analyze food intake and your progress:
Go to the Eatometer menu for the feedback on your eating patterns: stats and charts.
Get info on foods you consumed during one day by tapping each entry.
See the weekly trends of food consumption and compare them with previous weeks as you go forward.

Small bites one bite is about one cubic centimeter (just short of in. square). Relax, dont panic. Sure, it will take some work to adjust to small bites, but youll get good at it in a jiffy.
Thorough chewing a certain number of chews in each bite is deliberately calculated to make sure that you chew each morsel properly, albeit not too long to bore you stiff.
The health score is rated on the scale from one to ten, with 1 being the worst and 10 - the healthiest food. Excessive calories and volume and nasty nutrients (sugar, sodium, saturated fat, etc.) lower the health score, while moderate portions, high density of good nutrients, and abundance of antioxidants do just the opposite.
The more you use the app, the faster you develop a habit of slow mindful eating. Use the app consistently for the first 3-4 weeks

The Eatometer tracks a whole host of parameters. Eatometer stats and charts track food intake and provide feedback and analysis every time you eat - they help understand your eating habits and nudge you towards healthier eating practices.

Time, Bites, Chews: calculates the total time you spent eating during one day, as well as the total number of bites and chews. Eating is not just for nourishment slow mindful eating is a source of relaxation and pleasure. Spend at least 90 minutes a day enjoying your food, take 200+ small bites, and make 5000+ chews.
Health Score chart: calculates and displays your foods health score. It updates after each meal and shows how healthy or unhealthy your food choices are. If your average daily score is above an 8 - you are in great shape.
Texture Breakdown chart: calculates and displays the percentage of soft, medium, and firm foods in your diet. It is very easy to overeat soft foods and much harder to gorge on firm foods. The goal is to eat over 60% firm, under 30% medium, and under 10% soft foods daily. Texture breakdown is updated after each meal.
Calorie Breakdown chart: calculates and displays your daily/weekly calorie consumption. Calorie breakdown is updated after each meal. Rule of thumb - burn more calories than you consume. A piece of cake with Eatom!
Number of Foods Consumed chart: calculates and displays the number of foods consumed daily/weekly. Eat at least 10 foods with Eatom every day.

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